Beautiful studio and white background product photography. 

Studio Dog is a commercial photography studio helping reveal the full marketing potential of your products and services with high-quality images for a range of uses.

Lifestyle shoots, packshots, white background, stylised, whatever your need, we have experience and expertise to create the very best images of your products.

Necklace Product Photography for Posh Totty Designs2017-12-22T12:30:15+00:00
Commercial Photography for Posh Totty Designs2018-01-25T13:52:28+00:00
Product Photography for Posh Totty Designs2017-04-06T10:08:50+01:00
E-Commerce Photography for Posh Totty Designs2018-01-25T13:56:46+00:00
Brand Photography for Posh Totty Designs2018-01-25T13:41:25+00:00
Jewellery Photography for Posh Totty Designs2018-01-25T14:05:27+00:00
Jewellery Photography for Posh Totty Designs2017-04-12T14:55:07+01:00
White, Blue, Brown & Cream Towels2017-04-03T09:34:25+01:00
Green Sofa Furniture Photography2018-01-25T13:59:57+00:00
Dressing Table Product Photography2018-01-25T13:56:03+00:00
Bathroom Cabinet Furniture Photography2018-01-25T13:31:36+00:00
Three Socks Fashion Photography2018-01-08T17:24:12+00:00
Dotted Shirt Fashion Photography2018-01-25T13:55:47+00:00
Fashion Photography for Hunter Boots2018-01-25T14:04:18+00:00

Specialist Knowledge

 We know how to reach your brief’s full potential, creating exciting concepts and providing advice on style, lighting, and post-production.

Guaranteed Service

We’re so confident on the quality of our service that we offer a free test shot for all new clients, so you can sample our work before committing.

We Work With You

We can only achieve the best results by working with you, so we ensure we get to the heart of how you really want your products to come across.

Affordable Solutions

Value for money is something we’re passionate about, so we ensure you get beautiful images on time and on budget every single time.

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