Home & Furniture Photography in Sussex

Chandeliers should glitter and shine, furniture should impress, and glassware should sparkle; we ensure all this and more comes through in our furniture photography in Sussex. We’re experts in styling and photographing bigger items, such as desks, beds, wardrobes and sofas, as well as the smaller and more delicate homewares like home fragrances, drinks glasses, and freestanding picture frames.

We can either style each piece in an appropriate setting with props and an emphasis on complementing colours, or photograph items on a white background so they really stand out and create uniform presentation in an online shop format. As well as for e-commerce, these images can be used in brochures, across social media channels, in ad campaigns, and on your website.

White, Blue, Brown & Cream Towels2017-04-03T09:34:25+01:00
Green Sofa Furniture Photography2018-01-25T13:59:57+00:00
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What will it cost?

Our photography is more affordable than you may think, and we're able to tailor quotes to suit individual requirements. We have set prices for studio shoots, or you can contact us with your needs for a quote.
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