White Background Packaging Photography

White background photography is probably one of the most popular forms of product photography for online stores and shops. This is due to that it’s considered to be an easy cost effective way of shooting large volumes of product, it also provides a clean consistent background which help products stand out. However if not photographed properly products can blend in to the background and you can get flared edges.

For this particular project I was to shoot a range of black phones in a number of different positions/angles which included some group shots. The aim here was to make the product look clean and sharp this was achieved by using strip lights which skimmed across the product giving the phones their maximum form and shape whilst filling in light where necessary.

With the group shots I set up both phones in the correct positions marked the positions on the white perspex and photographed them individually. The reason for this is to stop any ugly reflections appearing in the back phone and to also focus on each phone separately. The images are then easily put together in photoshop.

Once the shoot was finished it was a case of cleaning the products in post to get rid of any dust marks, anyone who has photographic a shiny black surface will know that dust always seems to find it’s way on there no matter how many times you clean it. As well as cleaning some other general post production work was carried out this might have included enhancing highlights or reducing the blacks. The reflection was faded back on each image and finally after being sized all the images were sharpened.

I have photographed a lot of products on white backgrounds but it’s always nice to take your time to get the right result, if you want to see more of my white background photography please look at my portfolio.