As a specialist in product photography, I love it when I get a brief like the one I received from Mixx Audio recently.

Specialist in Product Photography | StudioDogThe client wanted to really show the awesome and high quality design of their JX1 headphones.  In three colours, all bang on trend, space grey, black and rose gold, there would be a number of images to capture.  Each colour would need to be captured from 8 different angles to really focus on the design of the headphones. 

Mixx Audio’s website is sleek and minimal, therefore shooting the headphones on a white background was essential.  Of course as with  all products with no flat base to sit on, and with the patience only a specialist in product photography can muster, the headphones needed to be painstakingly suspended at their various angles using fishing wire.

The brief also included a number of shots using a model to show how they look on a person, their style and functionality.  This was a fun shoot, with some very pleasing results.  Online retailers must show off their products in as many ways as possible, model shots provide size reference as well as demonstrating how they fit, and how they might feel to wear.

The JX1 headphones are lightweight, Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones with soft foam ear pads for added comfort and a foldable design for easy storage whilst travelling.  All of these elements needed to be captured for demonstration on the Mixx Audio website,  as well as the buttons and in-flight cable option. 

The client was delighted with the result, and I love the way the images look on their website:
See more about these headphones and the photographs from the shoot HERE