When Flip Flop Design first approached StudioDog for some specialist product photography it was very exciting to hear such a strong brief.  As a product photographer, it is always a huge help when a design agency is involved as the requirements and outcomes have already been so well thought out it makes my job a breeze…… well, not exactly a breeze!

Product Photography for Sussex | StudioDogWhat may look and sound like a simple brief can sometimes provide the most challenges as the precision required makes takes a lot of time and very careful consideration.  Flip Flop Design required 2 sets of images for their client Revlon Realistic, to bring their brand design to life.  First, a set of images to really make the brand shine highlighting the packaging and positioning of the products, but also a second set of white background images that would be used in an online store.

The colour palette of rich red and gold are strong and bold, set as the background of the predominantly black and gold packaging of the Revlon Realistic products.  Not as straightforward as simply dropping some images on a flat backdrop, the main group image (featured above) is a patchwork of 15 separate images, one for each bottle, one for each bottle’s shadow and the background!  The post-processing of these images was a challenge in itself but I think the resulting images are strong and attractive and look fantastic on the website.

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