Styled Lifestyle shoot for The Real Sauce Co.

Studiodog have previously photographed for the Real Sauce co. shooting simple white background product shots to be used online for Amazon. This time round they needed something a little different for a magazine advert to help promote their range.

They liked the idea of using a kitchen scene to show the jars in a more natural surrounding and to also show the ingredients around the jar. The trick here when using flash lighting in this type of environment is to replicate a natural source of light for instance window light and then add some fill to the darker areas of the image. Normally we would use a food stylist for this type of shoot but the timeframe was short so Robin stepped in and worked his magic.

Once the first image was complete it was a case of swapping over the jars and some ingredients to shoot the next keeping the lighting the same (with maybe a small tweak) to create the same feel for all the images. Some quick cleaning up in post production and we have our final set of images.