Expanding our Creative Drinks Photography portfolio

It’s always a good idea to update your portfolio and this is what this creative drinks photography shoot was primarily for. Teaming up with Brighton based stylist Alex Greenhill  www.alexandragreenhill.co.uk we spent an afternoon creating some Christmas themed drinks one of these being a gin and pomegranate cocktail (pictured below) the other a more fun hot chocolate marshmallow styled drink, above.

drinks photographer sussexAlex brought all the necessary props and we set about creating the small set up for the first drink, this simply was a piece of dark marble set on a black scoop backdrop. We put a glass down and put in some crushed ice so I could set my lighting whilst Alex put together the rest of the styling in the shot such as the fruit, lights etc. It’s always good practice to make two of everything when shooting drinks photography the first drink is simply used to frame the image and perfect your lighting.

Once everything is set and your happy with the light make a new fresh drink mark where the glass has been and simply put the new drink into shot. Drinks always look best within the first few minutes of being made which is why it’s critical everything is set and ready when the drink in put into shot. There was a small amount of post production work for this first image the smoke was shot separately after the glass was removed and the small glow on the herb was added in Photoshop.

Alex created two very different settings for the drinks.  Our Gin & Pomegranate cocktail looked resplendent in a dark and reflective atmosphere, evoking thoughts of a sophisticated and stylish Christmas party, with festive lighting in the background to complete the feel.   The hot chocolate was certainly more at home within a rustic setting.  Sat on a slice of wood amongst the ‘snowflakes’, the instant feeling was evocative of warming up on a crisp winter’s day.  The comforting toasted marshmallows, continued the feeling of warmth which would be instant when wrapping your hands around the bronze mug.


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