Beard Oil Product Photography

A beard oil company asked us to create a range of product images to be used for their social media pages as well as advertising and website. After a long discussion about ideas and what we could potentially do with the packaging and bottles we decided to keep it relatively simple for the first shoot. The idea was to help make the packaging stand out by using coloured paper, at first we though about using one colour and twisting the paper in certain ways in order to help create interesting shadows and shapes however it became clear that using two or more different colours would make the shots more interesting, however I did start off with a simple group shot on grey to get things rolling. I have to admit bending paper and getting it to stay where you wanted was quite challenging and also thinking of different ways to bend a or shape a piece of paper did require some trial and error.

Beard Oil Range

The lighting for the packaging and the the product itself did have to change this is due to the different materials they are made of. The packaging was a hard matt finish which means you can use harder light to help bring out the texture of the material, whilst the bottle itself is a glossy plastic which I like to use diffusers and matt mirrors to help bring out the shape. This just meant that for the image where both the bottle and packaging are together I had to shoot each item separately including the paper and then combine all three images in post production.

The majority of this shoot required very little post production there was some general cleaning up to do dust/scratch marks etc and some black and highlight adjustments were made in photoshop. Im already looking forward to the next shoot which I believe we are involving models I also have a another idea which I would like to try using water splashes which will take a bit more time than the paper shots. To find out more about Bullingberg and their great range of beard oils please visit their website

If your interested in getting your products photographed in a creative interesting way then please contact me I am always happy to chat about your ideas to see what we can create.